Tom Baker & Impressive Concrete & Pools

Tom Baker,  of Impressive Concrete & Pools and BuildGreen Industries, Inc., demonstrated an early aptitude for working with mechanical and energy systems. As a teenager, he earned money for college traveling around the Great Lakes states installing swimming pools. Following graduation from the University of Buffalo, Tom headed west to Denver and put his technical and construction skills to good use in starting Baker Construction, a pool design and installation company. Baker Construction operated in Colorado for 19 years, building high-end swimming pools and specializing in custom water features advanced mechanical systems,and concrete construction. Tom’s original swimming pool business afforded him the opportunity to become technically proficient in many aspects of concrete construction. In the mid ‘90’s, he saw the opportunities available in the arena of decorative concrete. At the same time, Tom and his family relocated to Myrtle Beach to be closer to family in the area. In 1996, Tom started Impressive Concrete & Pools and became one of the first installers of decorative concrete on the Grand Strand. Early projects included the NASCAR Café and Captain George’s Seafood Buffet, while more recent installations include the front entrance to Brookgreen Gardens and the entry and pool deck at the Marriott on 82nd Avenue North.

A driving interest in taking on new technical challenges pushed Tom toward other facets of concrete construction. He has built a dozen concrete homes with Insulated Concrete Form technology. Impressive Concrete & Pools also ventured into tilt-wall construction, in which concrete walls are poured flat on the ground and lifted into place. Local tilt-wall projects completed by Impressive Concrete & Pools include several Waves beachwear stores and Tom’s new Concrete Design Studio, located at 320 Reindeer Moss Ct. off of Hwy. 707. And, proving that we always return to our roots, Tom has established a pool construction division of Impressive Concrete & Pools and has built custom pools on the Grand Strand and in Charleston.

Tom has always worked with an eye toward synthesizing different technological systems for improved function and efficiency. When he saw the energy-efficient characteristics of his concrete homes and buildings, he began exploring the combination of concrete and alternative-energy technologies, including solar, wind and geothermal. All of these systems will be in operation at his Concrete Design Studio which also houses his new company, Impressive Green Buildings, Inc. In addition, the Concrete Design Studio features a pervious concrete parking lot and pervious roof, providing storm-water abatement systems so important for environmental impact in  our coastal region.

Tom is convinced that the time is right to offer innovative green building systems that combine concrete technology and alternative energy resources. Tom’s aspiration for Impressive Green Buildings is the construction of buildings with increased longevity and lower energy needs, built in a cost-effective manner with environmental responsibility.responsibility.